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7 months away from my land…

You know these days hunt for career and tag of growing up has become a habit for the next set of people about to represent another generation. We are racing against time to reach our destination and who knows what it is going to result, but we are racing ! Similar is my case here. I grew up somewhere else, started my ‘learn and earn’ work elsewhere with little idea where i will land up and what my next destination would be. The job which I landed up accidentally with just the idea to step towards a responsible and structured end point will continue and change the “Okay types” work to a more focused reality. Yes, indeed job brings responsibilities and carries the geometrical formulas to shape a vulnerable college pass out into the land of targets, achievements, prospects and activities which we want to get rid off daily but still it is our blessing in the form of compensation manufactured in the Mint.

It’s been approx 2.5 years I worked in my current organisation in Calcutta which is my homeland and from where me and my belongings belong. However, it reached a saturation point after these 30 months of work, work, work, promotion, too much work. Peace ! and Period. So, needed a change, needed a new life and new role to excite me. Hence I ventured out for new purview and it was Bangalore calling for my somersault in job role. It does feel strange that how come I just took that decision and got ready to leave the place of Ganga, Ilish, Bhar er chaa, Durga Pujo and what not just by a twinkle. It did not occur to me how badly I would feel the absence of the cultural power of this place once I am away from it. So finally when I was there in Bangalore it took me into those old days of charm and my mind worked as the bio-scope of flashbacks. Trust me, those were filled with stories,memories,breakup, friends, family, gatherings and own times with myself but I made it sure I don’t take it into oblivion. I feel like it could have been a blockbuster in the multiplex. Yes, memories are special like a hit movie in the theater.

Moving forward to the new city Bangalore was a marvel place to explore. It did not excite me initially because of its opposite culture with the language being stranger to my ear and my taste buds still virgin to the South Indian staple diets. I wish I was a superman of all sorts then. I plead guilty before the court of emotions and so sorry Bengal, I missed you and yearned to be back every-time I could. But, how could I stay where the length of opportunities seemed short as the potato my father bought few days back for my mother to cook. Horrible !!. I want to be here, but also I don’t want. With heavy heart i took a new turn in the path and went forward to learn the way to drive in a new role of life. However, I must say I slowly started liking my work and the place. It gave me a sense of freedom and satisfaction that I was doing something better than what I had to do before, not that it was bad but it got me saturated.

When you are away from your family and building your own blocks of routine and arrange the logs of daily chores like that of a calendar, it does experiment the inner idea of how talented you are to take care of your own. Fortunately, I did not fall down too many times and even if I did, i did not hit the wall. Its been 7 months of trial and error and success in my knowledge transfer (as they call in my office). People were impressed and guided for more which indeed catapults your confidence.

I left on 6th march and came back for a short notice hence writing on my desk in Bengal. Here today, I am back to my city of joy with no changes in the city but within me precisely on a positive note. Today while I am writing, the place is decking up gracefully for the upcoming festive season of welcoming Durga maa. Kolkata is ready and so is her soul with smiling faces and wet forehead. It is a sense of gratitude to be back to your place and rest your mind for few days not mincing for the drama of regular life.

My place is where my family is and my family is where I am. Will be back to Bangalore soon with the hope of returning back to write another piece !!



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Agantuk- The Stranger

agnatuk      We humans are very creepy in nature and tend to make a self structured image about someone we hardly know or ever known. It is in our tendency to paint a picture of the unknown object without understanding its real existence. The surprise and mistake comes before us when we actually see that object in person and regret the time we took to think and built about it until actually faced to find out the real object is beyond our own imagination and quite true to nature. Such is the topic cemented in and around “Agantuk”. The genius himself ended his career with a path breaking movie about a story that still whispers soul in our ears and sounds simpleness in hearts.
Sudhindra and Anila Bose are one middle class family with a charming little son Satyaki. Sudhindra as it seems from the character works at a top firm in the city earning a healthy income to pay two servants and a big ancestral property. Anila is a housewife with an enigmatic personality who thinks from her husbands brain but feels her thought makes more sense. One fine day they receive a letter from her long lost uncle who once eloped with his dream in hand to turn into a globetrotter. He writes a crisp and neat letter with a meaning to reunite with somebody from his family and that turns out be his niece Anila. On the other hand Sudhindra doesn’t feel excited about the lost uncle mystery, rather he is a bit suspicious about his existence and the question about his sudden reprise. Anila feels there’s no point to doubt the man until we face him in reality. Sudhindra on the other hand thinks he can be a fraud or somebody who knows about the uncle and is carrying that image with an objective in mind. They argue about what to do about the situation and whether to welcome him as the long lost uncle about who Anila doesn’t have any memory or be strict enough to be on the safe side and verify his identity keeping aside respect, dignity and trust. It’s a natural thought that implies when we have to accept a stranger as a guest and take care of their hospitality.
Anila is in a shallow land where her ethic almost gets beaten by her husband’s preventive defending character about people and the irony of their soul. The uncle played by the majestic Utpal Dutt smells a sweet odour which we goers wouldn’t like to fade away. Although we don’t want to doubt the character, yet questions pull us towards cautious thoughts, such is the poise and craft of the filmmaker. I felt I am part of their intellectual gossip, doubtful discussion and the bengali term “bhodrotar khatir”.
The movie is full of idealistic, intellectual and ironic dialogues. The scenes between Dhritiman and Utpal Dutt discussing about cannibals being right with what they do was an interesting thought. It’s right they are doing what they think is right. Don’t we dress our inner-self with the cannibalism when we destroy hundreds of lives with the press of a button in a fighter jet. That is just bang on. We hardly realize what we do and what we intend to do, and..and.. and what we actually do. There are abundant pieces which will be a treat to your ears if you listen to. Nothing can be worth if it doesn’t make an impact in your sense of knowledge through the movie crafts. The same happens with Agantuk. You will be alive towards science and human civilization which the maker makes us believe is a concrete jungle. Actual civilization lies within the soul which rests in nature’s lap.
Along with the dialogues and screenplay, the actors brought systematic approach to their particular roles with established art of characterization. An educated personality must have the sense to not dislocate with what they should be and what they become. Such is the point when Dhritiman goes beyond his mannerism and insults the Uncle stating he is fake in what he says and what he did. This leads to the Uncle departing creating a clear impression in the mind of the hosts that how wrong they were about him. The departure makes them realize we can’t be right always about our smartness and just because one is educated can’t be a learned.
The final scene is a sweet icing on the cake. The uncle tells Sudhindra that he has no doubt that Anila is her niece and belongs to her blood because the tune of the Shautal Nach (tribal dance) made her smile from within and tap to the toes of the dancers which is itself a truth that the likeness towards tribal civilization is something which satisfied the old man too in his days of globetrotting. The uncle finally leaves for his further voyage leaving behind a envelope with Sudhindra which answers all their questions about our own people and their thoughts, some being self centered and there are few who we never met or accustomed to but they turn out to be the one with lessons which changes our kind information about humans for good.
The legend might have left but made sure we are not Agantuk towards his work and culture. For me Satyajit Ray has always been a culture itself apart from what we already bore.
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All over the rocks at Anthargange !

It’s been nearly 2 months in Bangalore and no place was explored yet.Please don’t talk about Malls and artificial places to visit. They satisfy pockets not heart. I am a passionate traveler and adventure enthusiast from inside which I definitely feel. Even though never been to hectic or too many treks or trips till date, yet I keep that music booming within me that “Yes, I love places, I love hills, I love to travel and I will keep on travelling”. Someday I will cover many parts of India or if fate favors might be few nations ranging from Hills, Terrains, Coasts, Jungles. Oh ! Love these senses.



Nevertheless there has to be a start. Last Saturday I was reading few travel blogs where I read “You are not born to only work and pay bills, and die”. It is quite a simple trick I thought. When I grow old I will have memories or pieces of writing regarding my experiences in travelling, not the Outlook email or MS Excel sheets. I asked my brother in law which website does he follow because he and Didi is a travel freak. So I was given the idea to check Thrillophilia. I spoke with my roomies and it struck me why don’t we travel for 2 days to any places near Bangalore as Karnataka boasts of mesmerizing and heart melting places be it green hills or grey stoned architectures of history pages. My love is always for hills or nerve wrecking treks. To start my exploration I thought of visiting Coorg. Sadly it did not take place as we were 3 and without 4 we were not able to book. After lots of browsing and incurring Kilobytes, I came across the Trek to Anthargange. The most astonishing factor was it’s gonna be a night trek and Oh!boy it does increase the level of excitement. Just imagine you are walking down the trails and terrains hopping over the rocks with only the torch as the helping hand for light, not the sun. The thought of exploring the granite rocks and the abundant caves under the night sky and stars watching us down was the reason enough to hit “Book”. I couldn’t wait the week to pass by because the maiden night adventure is awaiting.

The Night

We were to start our journey on friday night. The bus was to pick us at 10.10 PM. I hurried out from office by 7.30 so that I can be there on time without any hullabaloo. The bus was a little late because of the almighty blessing of traffic. Initially I was shocked to see only 3 of us …What !!! Only 3 people trekking at night on the hills of Anthargange. But no, slowly groups started pouring in and finally started the journey through pick ups from Marathalli, Tin Factory and thus entered the expressway all the way to Kolar. It was a pleasant journey with cool breeze swarming my face swiping down the tiredness of my day at work. We reached the place at 1.30 a.m amidst the curves all the way to the hills of Anthargange.  When I boarded down the bus, I was surprised to see 55 trekkers to march all the way till the top through the huge boulders staring at us as if they are going to pounce. It seemed at first things would be easy. But, when you have only one little device throwing light to show you the way it makes you feel what it is to trek at night. Still it was an experience which I would like to carry on anytime again.

We reached the cave after 1 km of trek and already there were other group finding their way inside the cave. Dhiraj told it’s gonna take at-least an hour and half for them to complete. So we decided to reach our camping point again finding our way through the thorny plants and trees with slippery rocks all over. It was a tough path because of less grip in those rocks, still all the guys managed to reach the plain land safe. We collected all our sticks and decided to light a campfire. Dhiraj our guide planned for a game until we start our most extravagant and thrill penetrating cave exploration. The game was to shout any name in choir so that the opponent team has to work their ears hard to hear the right name and tell to which category it belongs. Funnily enough it was nice way to spend the time and I was ready to explore the cave which was my main interest. I last went into a cave way back in 1997 in Shillong. At that time I was restricted by my mom, but now I am all on my own.

The Cave

The entry point at the cave was very narrow and pretty tough to fit in. The gap between the two gigantic chunk of rocks were very less and one had to struggle hard with the belly in and out to keep the journey on inside the cave. One had to climb down the rocks, crawl among the small holes between the rocks and then jump at your own risk so that you can balance and don’t fall down to meet your ends. It was an exciting affair as I was doing this for the first time where I had to clear my way out squeezing through a gap of of one arm. It was a brilliant experience. It took our group an hour to complete the journey inside the cave and reach the open air successfully with scratches all over my palms and arm. Once the cave exploration was over we reached our base camp where the others were settled and ready for their turn.

trekkers energised
trekkers energised, energised trekkers
the gap through which we had to pass
the gap through which we had to pass









The Sunrise

After cave exploration, the legs and hands were tired enough to settle own. I took out my sleeping bag and sneaked in. Honestly ! how many times do we get to sleep under the stars with cool breeze whistling in your ears with peace and serenity. I could smell the wet earth and it was a sense of fulfillment. Nothing can be better than this. I was fast asleep amidst other trekkers who were enjoying their own way, some were dancing, some singing in group and few inside sleeping kits like me. At 4 am I was all ready for the sunrise. We climbed the rocks to reach the best spot so that the rising of the giant helium ball can be well captured. I tell you, the only time you will enjoy the sun is when it rises and when it sets and never when it troubles during day time.









Thus with the sunrise and few captures of the vivid moment my first ever visit outside the hustle and bustle of the city ended in good note with an appetizing breakfast at a roadside restaurant chomping and munching the crisp dosas and vadas. By 11 am I was back in my abode to my surprise with no electricity and thereby I returned back to my daily dose of struggle.

Hope to return back soon….Till then let me work and earn for my next rendezvous with nature…

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We, the Stalkers

They were stalking the wind
she hid herself beneath the leaves
astonished was the stalker
wasn’t able to feel the breeze.

Want a glimpse of yours,
wished the stalkers.
I am better within the leaves,
Answered she!!

Highlands flowed with greens around,
dirts were they with hearts to pound.
eyes of the worlds showered life,
filth made thou humans to lie.

Stalkers are the senses to kill,
beauty is there atop the hill.
More you stream down the line,
beauty without the peak nowhere to shine.

the star above all seems so far,
flamed abode of millions with beauty in tear.
Hey mighty soul be not stalker,
born to live not birth for fire.



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FAN- meri duniya to nahi hai, par sahi hai boss Khan saab.


They say, ask him to act shit but still entertain, he will do that with critic duds ofcourse. On the other hand when serious work is required to ring moolahs at the box office with landscape of expressions, he will do that single handedly. If Mohan Bhargav, Kabir khan and Rizwan Khan was not enough, here is Gaurav and Aryan to bring back those old days when Shahrukh Khan was the powerhouse. He is still young with talent and shining with charisma.

Fan is a tribute to the number of lunatic followers of every star who go their extra mile to impress their dream hero/heroines with madness beyond limit. It tells the story of a common man pursuing the degree of FANatic in their heart and soul (mind you not head). It’s a known fact, a person who is a star and entertains us with the glam face and acting becomes our role model and pathway to wonderland. Few go deep into the making of the star from a common man among us and cherish the hard-work they perished to reach the pinnacle. What happens when they meet their dream man in person and thinks every step they take has to be accepted not neglected, every word they say has to be sweet rather than realistic, every move in real life has to be real instead of reel. We the followers get away with a broken piece of heart and nowhere to share the chunk when gets presented from the reckoning followed. The story is of one such stupid blunt headed youth from the colonies of Delhi who dreams his star is his world and his so called world will shower him with sun-rays that will outshine his life into heaven. No, this doesn’t happen. Every star has got a background. People should be sensible before creating havoc in someone’s life, be it a Mannat based celebrity or Wish-making beggar down the street.

You going watch it for a gripping story !, then please don’t because the lines are marked in SRK’s facial expression. The cunning ideas are disturbing, it presents the idea with which a celebrity can be an easy target so easily that their image can be leveled very easily. These piece of reels will bring an idea how lunacy can sometimes eat up your day and night due to nonsense and stupidity.

Go with 5 things to watch FAN. Acting, SRK, Money in pocket (WT not applicable), first film to be shot in Croatia and lastly cold water !, Man its too hot outside😉..

“ FAN’s have sense in your fandom, Stars are not meant to share every piece of their STARdom.”

Rating: I have 5 chocolates, 4 for FAN and I will keep 1.

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Days never ends….It halts to refresh..

We count days and nights during our worst time to snatch a piece of mind and ensure the time of sadness and pain wipes away in quick succession. It is never easy to hold on to any bad phase or prevent it from swallowing your important aspect of the head.

There are indeed five stages of grief… We face, then question why ?, also give our bit of effort to win the tug of war between us and our emotions, accept what we faced, finally march ahead with hope and brisk of a better time ahead. Well, its easier said than done. Moreover its tough to think and act as if we reached the height of the smiling peak. Every situation we kiss doesnt share the same situation and kiss us back. Instead it shys away because the time is afraid of facing the harsh realities. What I have learnt till date on this planet keeps on knocking my brains instigating you are born to create your life and drive your emotions in the highway as per your choice. The reason most of us turn towards tears is because we let someone enter our car of life and give them the authority to advice us how we should live and drive my own life. Now when this becomes a habit and a regular staple food, those authority seekers leaves our car of life leaving behind a void. We make ourselves responsible. Lets not make us responsible for the climax of every episode in this fruitful life, instead its better to pluck the ripe fruit in the beginning.

We youth have raw emotions where emotions are real quick and it makes us a saint or a devil during periods of war with our loved ones. Not to worry, these helps us learn what we have in our palm to cover and what not. Its okay to cry, laugh, fight..but its never okay to stop learning from bad phases and create same phase again…we should learn and instigate in our brain for a better future. Then we sense maturity. Maturity is constructed, its not available in online stores…

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Detective Byomkesh Bakshy – Review


We are well aware of the creation of Byomkesh Bakshy and the importance of this character sleuth in Bengali literature. The smart and suave fictitious character of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay needs to be dealt appropriately keeping in mind the emotions attached with it. Although Byomkesh Bakshi was adapted on screen and TV by many veteran filmmakers, yet this presentation under the smart and intellectual guidance of Dibakar Banerjee breaks the bar and thwarts across bringing new variance of the legendary novel.

When I heard the talks of the trade in and around media, it seemed another spoiler on it’s way and the image of Byomkesh will be stampeded on national level. Thankfully, Dibakar Banerjee provided calm and composed output to us who are well equipped with the tales of Byomkesh and his characterization since our lollipop days. The trailer indeed knocked ifs and buts in my mind when it hit the eyes of the mass, however with the release of the film I felt it was a complete new adaptation with shades of Dibakarian film making. Movie goers who are not aware of the stories behind Byomkesh Bakshy must know it is a mixture of two extremely end of the cliff stories “Satyanweshi” and “Artamanartham” which literally states the first ever case of the sleuth and the other one related to a property dispute respectively.

The film is a blended cocktail of masterclass cinematography, flawless performance from the leads, Exquisite art direction and impeccable screenplay. It starts off with a baggage of confusion in mind where I was scratching my head to figure out which story this is gonna be. First few minutes are the original sketch of Urmi Juvekar and Dibakar where Byomkesh is even slapped by Ajit in their very first meet. There was a bit exaggeration taken into account which seemed irrelevant commanding a romantic exposure of Bakshy. To some extent it pulled off characters from other tales too. Dibakar deftly inserted the Japanese attacks on Calcutta in 1943 with the story. It must have been a nail biting task for the entire crew to pull off such a big project in Calcutta underplaying the atmosphere of mid world war II with a story that still survives within the literary Bengali mind. It starts off like a slow moving local train which just departed from Howrah but accelerates quickly as soon as the mystery seems to unfold with twists and games coming into the picture. Nowhere it took a back seat to feel sorry for the rupees debited from the bank card. Nikos Andritsakis (never heard his name) must have got his name from Nikon because his visualization portrayed brilliant moving images. His camera angles and photography looked brilliant with shades of color and grey marking the brilliant work of camera sitting on a tripod.

To talk about the cast, Sushant Singh Rajput deserves lot of praise for the audacity to consider a daunting task of the character which was already taken care by critically acclaimed Uttam Kumar, Rajit Kapur, Abir Chatterjee. The roles which he portrayed before and this one are poles apart. Having said that he pulled it off with exuberance and his hard work to sharpen the culture, posture and movements of Byomkesh Bakshi were sharp as the tigers tooth. Anand Tiwari who played Ajit (Byomkesh’s sidekick) made a good impact and was a formidable tag team partner with Sushant to create the great camaraderie which we have read about. Niraj Kabi as the antagonist Dr. Anukul Guha had the last roar, quite similar to the one Javed Miandad could do when he hit Chetan Sharma off for a six in the last ball. He ended the cinematic venture with panache making it clear how villains should express when they are caught. Swastika Mukherjee did not impress this time. I felt she did well in all her previous movies. Her portrayal of Anguri Devi went low as the movie ended, wish Rani Mukherjee had agreed to the role. All in all it’s a new wave of cinema with originality of the fimmaker sprouting out.

Even if you go for it, “disappointment” shouldn’t be your word. For those who are unaware of the character please look for a droplet of idea from Google about Byomkesh Bakshi. Signing off with 4/5.