end of the initial path…

I started my life
through the leaves of wisdom

I started my walk
through the thorns of ingenuity

i persisted long enough to earn my purpose,
though it didn’t last long

tears !!
o my tears
scroll not down

you are meant to stay inside
‘coz i will quench my thirst
which the heart summons….


new dimension

here i start my new path towards exposure. Studies alone wont help you to go ahead in life. A working culture, innovative idea, desperate goal seeking abilities, unlimited hunger for societal image and brushed up outlook matters a lot in this environment. Thereby i landed up with an opportunity to be part of a big name in the IT industry and try my hands at computers and chairs and being paid for the time i will deploy. I am aiming towards learning and only learning because i don’t stand in a position to judge my abilities and the other surrounding people connected towards my work and time.The world is getting competitive and if you don’t hold a degree and an experience you better settle on the Radcliffe line. New age starts tomorrow. Pretty excited for the new opportunity. Lets see how much potential i have got hidden in my soul. 

#love blogging.

the present clock of life

Disrupted are my dreams
shattered in million bits 
i stay awake at night 
watching the glowing moonlight

Hovering around for place 
to sit and make an impact 
fields are filled for the race 
wonder will i be the muse extract. 

Fate scoring above merit 
snatching justice ubiquitous
rotten system torn in splits 
roaring aloud-malodorous bastards. 

Petulant mind strangling my head
asking for spirit the inner soul
impeccably perfunctory the time it seems
foul smelling humans pretends to be ill

She says clock’s not your sweet at this hour
impecunious is your time, not you
be miles apart from the goons of failure
failure should touch your heart bringing the best in you

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-review

Well, it is not a spoiler at all. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani may not be the benchmark for Ayan Mukherji but not even a bore to watch. It has those old fundas of this generation carrying the unmatched attitude, lunatic activities and fathomable humor. We already came across such storyline prior to YJHD where school friends get along for a rendezvous after long pause of contact and despite all odds between them they fall in love, may be even fail for some time to come back with a bang. Whatever the story seems to be is a predictable one and seems like bits and pieces of Dil Chahta Hain and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara where the whole criteria of engaging time for this Dharma movie circles around friendship and its elasticity towards further emotional heartfelt connections. What works for the Ranbir Image starrer is their chemistry and outstanding performances justifying the appropriate performances that the character of Bunny and Naina should have been.

The story has nothing much to tell apart from the inarticulate locales of Nainital which for me is the piece-de-resistance of the first half. The rudiments of the movie are very simple. All the four characters i.e. Bunny, Naina, Avi and Aditi hail from the same schooling background but things change when they realize it’s time to move on with their own dreams and ambitions taking their desired path. The change in career path sets a barrier of time gap eventually loosening the connection and hurting the expectations of a few. Bunny is someone who likes to explore the world and making his globetrotting a profession too which eventually makes him a successful dude in his own idealism and hunger to thrive his dedication towards pulling of the fast track life with experience and rejuvenation at every single step. Naina is the geek of the four with a silent attitude, not even near to being a spoiled brat, one who does not even drink, a medical student with big glasses stating her foray of being a introvert and happy go lucky with a family. Avi portrayed by Aditya Roy Kapoor is similar to Bunny has no ambitions and only thrives to bet for cricket and is not able to clear up the habit of being in and around betting (juwa) even after years when his pals go ahead with life. Aditi by Kalki Koechlin is tom boy around and seems to be the dude between guys with similar choices and a favourite of Bunny and Avi who eventually change from a vibgyor hairs, short T’s and classy westernized girl to a desi and traditional Indian lady about to get married. All of them take a trek to the white covered snow capped mountains of Nainital where Naina joins accidentally without anyone’s notice but with a glimpse of idea from Aditi and then starts the roller coaster ride of hullaballoo, fun, indefatigable enriching moments, bizarre happenings everywhere everytime. Things change after the impeccable journey where everyone makes way for their wants from life and career. After many odd years they reconcile at Aditi’s marriage this time with a more matured visualization of life and importance for people and relationships creating a path for their heart and adjusting career keeping in mind for the closed ones ending on a happy note and acceptable from the realistic point of view.

The first half was proper to watch with funny moments and lively bonding between the four besties. The second half got a bit over the top with eulogizing dramas, tears, emotions etc. The soundtrack created magic everytime it banged on the eardrum. The movie would have fallen flat on the face of the producers if it was not Ayan on the chair of the director, because there was nothing new to tell, only his sensible value added scenes made way for the stellar performances from Ranbir and the other casts.

The anecdote could have been much better. There is nothing to complaint about the screenplay, lead performances, and badtameez music. If Wake Up Sid was not Ayan’s first he would have got much better remarks, but since he already gave a fresh new subject with his first one, here he fails to carry on that freshness and elongates the story unnecessarily sometimes. Ranbir is unreachable, Pritam deserves a hi-5, Deepika carries her applauses from Cocktail impeccably and Ayan Mukherjee a great talent indeed.  From my artificial bag of ratings, I put my hands out with 3.5/5 just because of direction, cinematography and Ranbir Kapoor. 

Summer- how i see and feel

Its been drizzling since the dawn. I somehow managed to sneak out of my home to breathe some fresh air after the scorching heat that heated up the city since the past couple of days. At-last its a sigh of relief for the Siligurians. i know its asking for a lot to expect a downpour, but tell me who wants to be under the sun that irritates the activities out of humanity. Didn’t mind to get a bit drenched inculcating a sense of satisfaction. It’s summer and hills are the perfect place to visit. Alas ! i have no time to either go on vacation and no such big money to make way for luxuries to wipe down the unwanted presentation of the sun lord. Despite such devouring practice to gulp glucose out of my organ system, it feels good to experience a relief for some days at-least, though i would love to have the shiver and chill in this summer, yet who minds an innocuous behavior from the climate. 

i see the leaves lying on the ground seems so dead. A bit of step and crunches into pieces. the birds always flies to and fro getting busy in search of the materials to make the perfect abode for the upcoming winter. Like we humans they also need the layer of protection to make the bone hardening winter warm days for sometime of the year. Summer is not always indefatigable. It creates a layer of rust on the iron strong sense of zeal inside the human bones to carry on duties and precipitate water down the line staging the body to rest in peace (lol.not death exactly). For the summer screens the maximum days of the year and brings in discomfort, lethargy, lazy afternoons. I await for the winter to come soon but for the moment let the rain and lightning keep the mood and interest up. well, when its happening enjoy it to the fullest. A strong goodnight it will be as of now.

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go for the chance which you can feed on

Its not necessary how much you know about the outer world. Rather being a master of your own abilities might be of some help. Forget what the other person is doing.

You may find people going places and achieving tumultuous tasks bestowed on them. It’s not a great option to feel jealous of one’s progress. Finding out the holes in own’s tenacity is the right solution to be a competition for the former. Every person lands in a situation by gods grace. One may be a poor lad financially, but can be a gem from brain. It is a lot better gift than currencies. Ultimately, ideas and innovations have ruled the world and gave birth to the money market. If ideas were not a term, barter system would have stayed. In olden days it was exchanging food for clothing, today it would have been an iPhone for a Galaxy. 

Its not necessary to be at the same step that his/her competitor is at present. Every scope comes with the backing ability. One who is at a top class university has made the place a possible landmark due to the mix up of money, merit, personality. You might stand a merit chance and even a money back up, but lacking personal skills or prescribed presentable attitude might knock you off from the same bench. So, its always better to stand at the queue where ample opportunities can be pocketed out of one’s bag full with required power to perform. Going for the moon without a spacesuit wont complete the target. being in the correct timezone is the smartest way to earn one’s progress.

my take on my goals.

Going back to my olden days when life was meant to be fun and studies. Duty for me was to study well, fun for me was to play during the afternoon, happiness meant a 10 rupees from my dad to eat anything i want, exposure meant to learn new things from my elders, respect for me was to obey the ethics and protocols my mother taught. Life was full of exuberance and fair competition..

as days passed, things and surroundings took a U turn and changed the Dias completely. Today whatever i tend to do means responsibility and working with integrity. Step that i will take should be in the path of wisdom. The words that i sprout off my mouth must maintain dignity and personality. Today life is all about commitment, pressure, hard-work, name, fame, money and many more pebble levels of attainment.

I don’t want to run away from pressure or the hunger for work. But, my desired goal today is a box closed and the limits i must maintain. there’s no room for mistakes, pin-downs  repentance  Its time to take the load of achievement and establishment on my shoulder and carry my own needs ahead. Its time to turn self reliant and erase the purpose of being a dependent. Whatever my parents did and the sacrifices they made to nurture me till date needs to be taken care of.

However i always wish to get back to those blossom days where every duty seemed to be an added fun, every mistake had room for realization and every scolding meant well being and inculcating the truth and ethics of life. but, today a duty with fun means i am not sincere, one mistake means i am two steps backward and every scolding knocks my incapability or the tenacity to survive.

Its a mixed bag where the smaller you are, the wider your smile carries freshness

and the bigger you grow, the lesser those freshness vanishes from your smile and bores greed,gluttony, failed goals or rather pride of being a success..