FAN- meri duniya to nahi hai, par sahi hai boss Khan saab.

They say, ask him to act shit but still entertain, he will do that with critic duds ofcourse. On the other hand when serious work is required to ring moolahs at the box office with landscape of expressions, he will do that single handedly. If Mohan Bhargav, Kabir khan and Rizwan Khan was not enough, here is Gaurav and Aryan to bring back those old days when Shahrukh Khan was the powerhouse. He is still young with talent and shining with charisma.

Fan is a tribute to the number of lunatic followers of every star who go their extra mile to impress their dream hero/heroines with madness beyond limit. It tells the story of a common man pursuing the degree of FANatic in their heart and soul (mind you not head). It’s a known fact, a person who is a star and entertains us with the glam face and acting becomes our role model and pathway to wonderland. Few go deep into the making of the star from a common man among us and cherish the hard-work they perished to reach the pinnacle. What happens when they meet their dream man in person and thinks every step they take has to be accepted not neglected, every word they say has to be sweet rather than realistic, every move in real life has to be real instead of reel. We the followers get away with a broken piece of heart and nowhere to share the chunk when gets presented from the reckoning followed. The story is of one such stupid blunt headed youth from the colonies of Delhi who dreams his star is his world and his so called world will shower him with sun-rays that will outshine his life into heaven. No, this doesn’t happen. Every star has got a background. People should be sensible before creating havoc in someone’s life, be it a Mannat based celebrity or Wish-making beggar down the street.

You going watch it for a gripping story !, then please don’t because the lines are marked in SRK’s facial expression. The cunning ideas are disturbing, it presents the idea with which a celebrity can be an easy target so easily that their image can be leveled very easily. These piece of reels will bring an idea how lunacy can sometimes eat up your day and night due to nonsense and stupidity.

Go with 5 things to watch FAN. Acting, SRK, Money in pocket (WT not applicable), first film to be shot in Croatia and lastly cold water !, Man its too hot outside😉..

“ FAN’s have sense in your fandom, Stars are not meant to share every piece of their STARdom.”

Rating: I have 5 chocolates, 4 for FAN and I will keep 1.

Days never ends….It halts to refresh..

We count days and nights during our worst time to snatch a piece of mind and ensure the time of sadness and pain wipes away in quick succession. It is never easy to hold on to any bad phase or prevent it from swallowing your important aspect of the head.

There are indeed five stages of grief… We face, then question why ?, also give our bit of effort to win the tug of war between us and our emotions, accept what we faced, finally march ahead with hope and brisk of a better time ahead. Well, its easier said than done. Moreover its tough to think and act as if we reached the height of the smiling peak. Every situation we kiss doesnt share the same situation and kiss us back. Instead it shys away because the time is afraid of facing the harsh realities. What I have learnt till date on this planet keeps on knocking my brains instigating you are born to create your life and drive your emotions in the highway as per your choice. The reason most of us turn towards tears is because we let someone enter our car of life and give them the authority to advice us how we should live and drive my own life. Now when this becomes a habit and a regular staple food, those authority seekers leaves our car of life leaving behind a void. We make ourselves responsible. Lets not make us responsible for the climax of every episode in this fruitful life, instead its better to pluck the ripe fruit in the beginning.

We youth have raw emotions where emotions are real quick and it makes us a saint or a devil during periods of war with our loved ones. Not to worry, these helps us learn what we have in our palm to cover and what not. Its okay to cry, laugh, fight..but its never okay to stop learning from bad phases and create same phase again…we should learn and instigate in our brain for a better future. Then we sense maturity. Maturity is constructed, its not available in online stores…

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy – Review


We are well aware of the creation of Byomkesh Bakshy and the importance of this character sleuth in Bengali literature. The smart and suave fictitious character of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay needs to be dealt appropriately keeping in mind the emotions attached with it. Although Byomkesh Bakshi was adapted on screen and TV by many veteran filmmakers, yet this presentation under the smart and intellectual guidance of Dibakar Banerjee breaks the bar and thwarts across bringing new variance of the legendary novel.

When I heard the talks of the trade in and around media, it seemed another spoiler on it’s way and the image of Byomkesh will be stampeded on national level. Thankfully, Dibakar Banerjee provided calm and composed output to us who are well equipped with the tales of Byomkesh and his characterization since our lollipop days. The trailer indeed knocked ifs and buts in my mind when it hit the eyes of the mass, however with the release of the film I felt it was a complete new adaptation with shades of Dibakarian film making. Movie goers who are not aware of the stories behind Byomkesh Bakshy must know it is a mixture of two extremely end of the cliff stories “Satyanweshi” and “Artamanartham” which literally states the first ever case of the sleuth and the other one related to a property dispute respectively.

The film is a blended cocktail of masterclass cinematography, flawless performance from the leads, Exquisite art direction and impeccable screenplay. It starts off with a baggage of confusion in mind where I was scratching my head to figure out which story this is gonna be. First few minutes are the original sketch of Urmi Juvekar and Dibakar where Byomkesh is even slapped by Ajit in their very first meet. There was a bit exaggeration taken into account which seemed irrelevant commanding a romantic exposure of Bakshy. To some extent it pulled off characters from other tales too. Dibakar deftly inserted the Japanese attacks on Calcutta in 1943 with the story. It must have been a nail biting task for the entire crew to pull off such a big project in Calcutta underplaying the atmosphere of mid world war II with a story that still survives within the literary Bengali mind. It starts off like a slow moving local train which just departed from Howrah but accelerates quickly as soon as the mystery seems to unfold with twists and games coming into the picture. Nowhere it took a back seat to feel sorry for the rupees debited from the bank card. Nikos Andritsakis (never heard his name) must have got his name from Nikon because his visualization portrayed brilliant moving images. His camera angles and photography looked brilliant with shades of color and grey marking the brilliant work of camera sitting on a tripod.

To talk about the cast, Sushant Singh Rajput deserves lot of praise for the audacity to consider a daunting task of the character which was already taken care by critically acclaimed Uttam Kumar, Rajit Kapur, Abir Chatterjee. The roles which he portrayed before and this one are poles apart. Having said that he pulled it off with exuberance and his hard work to sharpen the culture, posture and movements of Byomkesh Bakshi were sharp as the tigers tooth. Anand Tiwari who played Ajit (Byomkesh’s sidekick) made a good impact and was a formidable tag team partner with Sushant to create the great camaraderie which we have read about. Niraj Kabi as the antagonist Dr. Anukul Guha had the last roar, quite similar to the one Javed Miandad could do when he hit Chetan Sharma off for a six in the last ball. He ended the cinematic venture with panache making it clear how villains should express when they are caught. Swastika Mukherjee did not impress this time. I felt she did well in all her previous movies. Her portrayal of Anguri Devi went low as the movie ended, wish Rani Mukherjee had agreed to the role. All in all it’s a new wave of cinema with originality of the fimmaker sprouting out.

Even if you go for it, “disappointment” shouldn’t be your word. For those who are unaware of the character please look for a droplet of idea from Google about Byomkesh Bakshi. Signing off with 4/5.


Let it be…..

Did you see a person loitering over left over food !
If you do see, Why cry over your one broken dream ?
Wake up and feel you are much better than he is,
So let it be.

There are people dodging to take one next step with a leg,
If you do see, why cry on not able to get a ride ?
Wake up and feel you have two legs to walk and run.
So let it be.

We have seen the world evict from this planet over gun powder ,
If you do see, why cry and fight over a match India lost ?
Wake up and feel you have a world where you are safe to go out
So let it be.

All around us Laden took down the power of the Pentagon,
If you do see, why cry over a scratch on your own car ?
Wake up and feel you have a shelter which no one grounded.
So let it be.

Jobless people crave for just an income to come their way,
If you do see, why cry over a hundred less hike in appraisal ?
Wake up and feel you earn enough to purchase arrogance
So let it be.

Innocent expressions of that li’l pup asking for food,
If you do see, why nudge over a extra less item for you ?
Wake up and feel lucky to be born as the human
So let it be.

The world is a small pebble among many stones,
Today we will earn, Tomorrow we will spend, Day after we will earn again,
Wake up and look around we have all, still we are at fall,
So let it be, let it be, let it be

end of the initial path…

I started my life
through the leaves of wisdom

I started my walk
through the thorns of ingenuity

i persisted long enough to earn my purpose,
though it didn’t last long

tears !!
o my tears
scroll not down

you are meant to stay inside
‘coz i will quench my thirst
which the heart summons….


new dimension

here i start my new path towards exposure. Studies alone wont help you to go ahead in life. A working culture, innovative idea, desperate goal seeking abilities, unlimited hunger for societal image and brushed up outlook matters a lot in this environment. Thereby i landed up with an opportunity to be part of a big name in the IT industry and try my hands at computers and chairs and being paid for the time i will deploy. I am aiming towards learning and only learning because i don’t stand in a position to judge my abilities and the other surrounding people connected towards my work and time.The world is getting competitive and if you don’t hold a degree and an experience you better settle on the Radcliffe line. New age starts tomorrow. Pretty excited for the new opportunity. Lets see how much potential i have got hidden in my soul. 

#love blogging.

the present clock of life

Disrupted are my dreams
shattered in million bits 
i stay awake at night 
watching the glowing moonlight

Hovering around for place 
to sit and make an impact 
fields are filled for the race 
wonder will i be the muse extract. 

Fate scoring above merit 
snatching justice ubiquitous
rotten system torn in splits 
roaring aloud-malodorous bastards. 

Petulant mind strangling my head
asking for spirit the inner soul
impeccably perfunctory the time it seems
foul smelling humans pretends to be ill

She says clock’s not your sweet at this hour
impecunious is your time, not you
be miles apart from the goons of failure
failure should touch your heart bringing the best in you